Checklist of What Must be Done After Your Loved One Dies

Clipboard with checklist

  1. Contact Funeral home to make arrangements.
  2. Publish Obituary notice.
  3. Obtain 10 Certified Death Certificates from the Undertaker.
  4. Contact Social Security, the Veterans Administration, and any other payers of pensions to stop direct deposits.
  5. Locate original will, trust, insurance policies and deeds and inventory all assets.
  6. Secure your loved ones home and valuables.
  7. Have the mail forwarded to the executor.
  8. Notify creditors and utility companies.
  9. Contact all three credit reporting agencies and cancel all the credit cards in your loved one’s name.
  10. Contact an attorney (Gregory J. Spadea) to see if probating the estate is necessary.
  11. If probating the estate is not necessary, transfer title on all the jointly owned assets to remove your loved one’s name and social security number.
  12. Update your life insurance policy to remove your loved one as beneficiary.

Feel free to contact Gregory J. Spadea, Esquire of Spadea & Associates, LLC online or at 610-521-0604 to help you probate your loved one’s estate.

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