Year Round Tax Return Preparation

Spadea & Associates, LLC has over 300 tax clients that we provide services for year round. We prepare the following tax returns:

  1. Federal and state corporate income tax returns and annual reports;
  2. Federal and state individual income tax returns and amended returns;
  3. Federal estate & gift tax Returns;
  4. Pennsylvania inheritance tax returns and inventory Reports;
  5. Federal and state fiduciary income tax returns;
  6. Annual 1096 and 1099 information returns.

Spadea & Associates, not only files current year returns but files also previous year returns that were not filed or were filed as Substitute For Returns by the IRS.

We also offer year-end tax planning and encourage our self-employed and small business clients to set up and fund at least one retirement plan like a Simple IRA which reduces their income taxes and helps them save for retirement.  We also recommend they fully fund a ROTH IRA or Non-Deductible IRA or some other plan to maximize their retirement nest egg.

Spadea & Associates, LLC also encourages small business clients to have the correct amount of insurance coverage and practice good corporate governance.  Good Corporate Governance means sole proprietors should either form a Limited Liability Company or incorporate to protect their personal assets form their business creditors. Spadea & Associates, LLC can help you form the correct entity for your business based on your industry. Please call us at 610-521-0604 for a free consultation

Spadea & Associates, LLC recommends clients use Quick Books or Accounting software to track their business income and expenses.  Our clients send us quarterly profit and loss reports and we assist them in making federal and state estimated income tax payments on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15. We will also assist you and your payroll company in setting up your monthly salary and year-end bonus.

If you are unhappy with your current tax preparer or just want a free check-up to ensure you are getting all the deductions you are entitled to, please call Gregory J. Spadea at Spadea & Associates, LLC at 610-521-0604.

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