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At the law office of Spadea & Associates, LLC, we bring more than 10 years of experience to people who need legal assistance to settling the estate of a loved one. Before opening our practice, attorney Gregory Spadea worked as a certified public accountant and as an agent for the Internal Revenue Service. We understand that every estate has unique issues and challenges, and will take the time to learn the specific details of your case so that we can anticipate any potential problems and help you take the right steps to protect yourself and to oversee the orderly settlement of the estate according to the wishes of the deceased.

Attorney Spadea served in the first Gulf War and is a retired U.S. Army JAG Officer. Mr. Spadea proudly provides a free will to any veteran of the armed forces of the United States.

Our Estate Administration Practice

When you hire us to help you settle the estate of a loved one, we will assist you with:

  • The initiation of the probate process — We will take care of all matters necessary to get you appointed as executor, including obtaining a tax identification number for the estate. We will handle all issues related to bank accounts or safe deposit boxes, so that you have access to property and can write checks from the estate to pay for settlement matters. To complete this process, we request that you bring the original will and three certified death certificates to your first meeting with us.
  • The preparation and filing of all estate or inheritance tax returns — We will prepare and file the state inheritance tax return, and will work with you to ensure the estate pays all required taxes. We will ask you for a list of decedent’s assets including the value of those assets at the date of death. We will also tell you what expense information we will need to file the inheritance tax return, including:
    a. Funeral costs including luncheon and head stone;
    b. Attorney, Accounting and Appraisal fees and Real Estate Commissions;
    c. Final medical bills;
    d. Final utility bills including cable, internet, telephone, gas and electric;
    e. Costs incurred to sell assets of the estate including real estate taxes and property insurance;
    f. Probate Fees paid to the Register of wills;
    g. Probate publication fees;
    h. Executor Travel Expenses;
    i. Cost of a Posting a Bond;
    j. Debts of the Decedent;
    k. Federal and Pennsylvania Income Tax paid with final income tax returns.
  • Any notifications required as part of the estate administration process — We will work with you to prepare and submit all notices, including notice of your appointment as executor. We will also notify all creditors of the death of your loved one. We will notify any party with a potential interest in the estate that the will has been submitted to probate.
  • The orderly distribution of the assets of the estate — We will help you put together an inventory of the property in the estate, and will work to obtain valuations of property if necessary. We will then review with you the specific provisions of the will and methodically oversee the distribution of estate property so that the deceased’s desires are followed.
  • The final closing of the estate — We can help with a formal or an informal closing of the estate, taking the steps to fully complete the legal process.

Contact Our Office

We offer a free initial consultation to every client. To schedule a private meeting with an experienced Philadelphia-area estate administration attorney, contact our office online or call us at 610-521-0604. We are located across the street from Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

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