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Helping Businesses Facing IRS Tax Audits

If you own or operate a business and you have been notified that you are being audited by a state revenue authority or by the Internal Revenue Service, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Tax and revenue agents have a comprehensive understanding of the complex and confusing regulations governing credits, deductions and other tax matters. You want a lawyer with a strong knowledge of the law and who has personally handled tax audit issues for other business owners.

At the law office of Spadea & Associates, LLC, we have the experience you need. Attorney Gregory Spadea has more than 25 years of experience handling tax matters. Before opening our law practice in 2001, he worked as an agent for the IRS and as a certified public accountant for over 13 years. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the issues that can arise during a tax audit and how to take the right steps to protect your interests.

We have considerable tax trial experience and can represent you in IRS Appeals, as well as U.S. Tax Court. We also handle audits by state revenue authorities.

Our IRS Tax Audit Practice

We have an extremely high success rate handling tax audits for businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We deal with the IRS Agent directly during the audit process, and help you gather all relevant evidence to support your position and respond to the IRS’s Information Document Requests. We will also be your voice in all meetings, hearings or proceedings. If your audit concludes that you owe additional taxes, including penalties and interest, we can help you determine whether you qualify for an installment payment plan, and assist you with the preparation and filing of an installment agreement application. We can also get the penalties abated under the new IRS First Time Penalty Abatement Policy if you qualify. We will also look at whether an offer in compromise is a realistic possibility.

Spadea & Associates, LLC works with companies at any stage of a tax audit, whether you have just received notification, or your audit is complete and you need to challenge its findings by petitioning the Tax Court.

Contact Spadea & Associates, LLC

At our office every client is entitled to a free initial consultation. To arrange an appointment with experienced Philadelphia state or federal tax audit attorneys, contact our office online or call us at 610-521-0604. We are located across the street from Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

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