Protection From Abuse Order in Delaware County

Man Arrested for Domestic Abuse

What To Do if Someone Files For a Protection From Abuse Order Against You in Delaware County

When someone you have a relationship with such as a spouse, parent, girlfriend or family member applies for an emergency temporary protection from abuse (PFA) order against you, you will be served by your local police to show up for a hearing. You should hire an attorney because you are not eligible for a public defender at the initial hearing. If you represent yourself and are found guilty the court will make the Order permanent and you can face:

1. immediate eviction if you live with the Plaintiff;

2. you have to relinquish any firearms or license to carry to the Delaware County’s Sheriff’s Office;

3. the PFA will be part or your criminal record and may affect your ability to get future employment.

If you fail to show up for the hearing or violate a protection from abuse order, the Court will hold you in contempt and you can face up to 6 months in prison or a $1,000 fine or both. Therefore it is important not to contact the party that filed a protection form abuse against you. It is also very important to bring witnesses to the hearing who can testify on your behalf as well as any other evidence.

The longest a protection abuse order can remain in effect is 3 years. However, if there was a violation of the PFA and you were held in contempt, it can be extended until the end of the criminal contempt hearing and possibly longer.

Therefore, if you receive Notice that a PFA has been filed against you contact Gregory J. Spadea at the Law offices of Spadea & Associates, LLC at 610-521-0604.

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