What Type of Expenses Are Deductible on The REV 1500 Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return?

You should keep receipts for the following expenses which are deductible on the PA Inheritance Tax Return and the PA final PA-41 fiduciary return:

  1. Funeral costs including luncheon and head stone;
  2. Attorney, Accounting and Appraisal fees and Real Estate Commissions;
  3. Final medical bills;
  4. Final utility bills including cable, internet, telephone, gas and electric;
  5. Costs incurred to sell assets of the estate including real estate taxes and property insurance;
  6. Probate Fees paid to the Register of wills;
  7. Probate publication fees;
  8. Executor Travel Expenses;
  9. Cost of a Posting a Bond;
  10. Debts of the Decedent;
  11. Federal and Pa Income Tax paid with final income tax returns.

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