Why Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer To Buy My First Home?

Interior View Of House
A real estate lawyer can help you negotiate and read the real estate sales contract, and make sure you understand all the terms and that your interests are protected. Remember, Spadea & Associates, LLC work for you and only you whereas the Realtor works for the seller. We will also ensure all the inspection and mortgage application deadlines are realistic.

Spadea & Associates, LLC can also help you find a title insurance company that will provide the proper coverage required by Pennsylvania or New Jersey law at the lowest cost.

If you need a survey, the Firm will assist you in hiring a surveyor or architect. I will also help you read the survey.

We will help you find and hire a home inspector and ensure the sales agreement allows you enough time to get the required inspections for radon and or termites before moving forward with the sale.

Spadea & Associates, LLC will help you find a mortgage broker or credit union to get the lowest mortgage rate based on your credit report, loan to property value ratio and interest rates. I will help you interpret the Good Faith Estimate to ensure you do not pay any unnecessary fees or points.

Prior to closing we will inspect the mortgage commitment letter, title commitment letter and settlement sheet to ensure they are accurate and reflect the sales agreement terms.

At closing we will go over all the settlement documents with you and ensure you receive a copy of the settlement sheet, mortgage, deed and note. I will also recommend some property insurers to protect your new home with the correct coverage.

After closing we will review your real estate tax assessment and file a real estate tax appeal with the County if the purchase price is less than the assessed value of your new home multiplied by the common level ratio in effect at the time of the closing.

If you are trying to buy a property in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, feel free to call Spadea & Associates, LLC at 610-521-0604.

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